Synesthesia in Art and Science
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The Leonardo online bibliography (Eds. Cretien van Campen, Greta Berman, Anton V. Sidoroff-Dorso & Bulat Galeyev (1940-2009)) consists of more than 400 weblinks, books and articles on synesthesia in the arts and sciences.

Websites on synesthesia in art and science

Sinestesia y Arte, Arte Citta, Spain, Italy

Synaesthesia, Experiment and Research
by dr. Hugo

Synesthesia, Art and Music
by Michael Haverkamp

Wikipedia Encyclopedia
Synesthesia in Art

Webportals to synesthesia information

by Sean A. Day

Blue Cats Synesthesia Resource Center
by Pat Duffy

Wikipedia Encyclopedia

Synesthesia associations

American Synesthesia Association

German Synaesthesia Association

UK Synaesthesia Association