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The interest into synesthesia has grown rapidly in the past decades. Within the network of people interested in the phenomenon of synesthesia, this website is dedicated to the activities based the Netherlands. The sites reports on Dutch scientific research into synesthesia, Dutch artists exploring the phenomenon, reports by Dutch synesthetes and other news. Since English is the second language for many Dutch, most of the contributions to this are in English, though not all. This way we hope to show what is happening with regards to synesthesia in the Netherlands.

The Proust Effect

The Senses as Doorways to Lost Memories

by Cretien van Campen

The Hidden Sense is available in a low-priced paperback edition,

and as e-book in a Kindle edition.

 2 is red, Tuesday is yellow 


Dutch video 2 is rood, dinsdag is geel (2 is red, Tuesday is yellow)
by Willum Morsch and Annette Posthumus
(featuring pianist
Dorine Diemer and synesthesia researcher Cretien van Campen)


Cretien van Campen and Dorine Diemer are interviewed on synesthesia in the Dutch video 2 is rood, dinsdag is geel (2 is red, Tuesday is yellow) by Willum Morsch and Annette Posthumus.

The New England based radio station WICN dedicated a radio show to the subject of  Art and History, Art and Neurology, including a 30-minute interview (10MB, mp3 or stream) with Cretien van Campen on his book The Hidden Sense: Synesthesia in Art and Science.

Cretien van Campen and George Baker are interviewed on their new books by Chris Gondek. Go the MIT Press Podcast Page.
Cretien van Campen is the author of The Hidden Sense: Synesthesia in Art and Science.
Mr. van Campen is a social scientist at the Social and Cultural Planning Office of the Netherlands. He is the author of two books on perception and visual art.

George Baker is the author of The Artwork Caught by the Tail: Francis Picabia and Dada in Paris.
Mr. Baker is Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of California, Los Angeles, and an editor at October magazine and October Books. He is the editor of James Coleman (MIT Press) and a frequent contributor to Artforum.

Listen to this interview
34:19 minutes | 31.4 MB


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